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11 icebreaker games to improve classroom engagement level, Lecturers must see

Jul 20, 2023

Students in classroom
Students in classroom
Students in classroom

11 icebreaker games to improve classroom engagement level, Lecturers must see

University classrooms can sometimes feel like daunting spaces for professors and students. Teachers may worry when teaching new students. Students themselves might struggle to participate in class. This can result in a lack of teamwork because they don't know each other.
Ice breakericebreaker games for university students solve challenges. The Deckle: Event Games app is a good platform for professors to do these activities. In this article, we will discuss how professors can use Deckle for fun ice breaker games to improve the teaching experience.


The Importance of Ice breaker Games in the Classroom:

As the semester begins, one of the biggest challenges professors face is students not knowing each other. This lack of familiarity can lead to social anxiety and decreased class engagement. Students might be hesitant to respond to the professor or actively participate in discussions, causing them to retreat behind their screens. Additionally, forming effective teams for group projects can be difficult when students are unfamiliar with one another.

To overcome these obstacles, good ice breaker games play a crucial role. These games help students connect and feel comfortable, making learning more enjoyable. This improves teamwork and class dynamics.


Meet Deckle: Event Games - The Ultimate Icebreaker App:

Deckle: Event Games is an innovative Australian-based icebreaker app managed and designed by students from the University of Melbourne. The app offers three exciting and user-friendly features: Emoji Buddies, Incredible Race, and Mates' Trivia. These features make icebreaker games enjoyable and easy to conduct, fostering a positive and interactive classroom experience.


1. Emoji Buddies:

In this fun feature, the app randomly assigns an emoji to each player. Players team up with others with the same emoji, and this encourages connections right from the beginning of the icebreaker game.


2. Incredible Race:

The Incredible Race is all about personalization and creativity. Professors can design games such as hide and seek, drawing challenges, and even challenging students to speak a foreign language. This feature ensures a dynamic and interactive experience for students, making it an exciting way to engage them.


3. Mates' Trivia:

Mates' Trivia serves as a valuable tool for getting to know each other better. Deckle asks random fun facts about each player, such as favorite drinks or preferred travel destinations, and then generates questions for others to guess. This interactive process allows students to learn about team members personal facts, fostering a friendly and lively classroom atmosphere.


The Power of Mates' Trivia in Improving Student Engagement:

When students have little knowledge about their peers, it can negatively impact teamwork, class engagement, and the overall learning experience. Students may feel stressed and unwilling to collaborate, leading to a less lively class atmosphere. Such challenges can also place additional stress on professors and hinder effective teaching and learning.

Mates' Trivia comes to the rescue by creating meaningful connections among students. It makes them more willing to actively participate in class and collaborate with their peers. The quick ice breaker games has the potential to improve students' teamwork experiences significantly. No need to prepare and design games in advance, and it is a hassle-free way to promote friendship and teamwork.

Creating a Vibrant Classroom with Deckle:

Professors can begin icebreaker games using Deckle's Emoji Buddies feature to form teams at the start of class. It is ideal to create fun icebreakers games for small group later on. Students can participate in previously designed Incredible Race games or Mates' Trivia, allowing them to have fun together.


Let's first explore some engaging small group Ice breaker Games:

1. Test your knowledge:

In the Incredible Race, professors create a list of course-related questions for students to answer. Split into groups, students collaborate to find the best answers. The group that answers most correctly wins, encouraging teamwork and healthy competition.


2. Find your class pal:

Using Emoji Buddies, players find others with the same emoji and team up. Then play a round of Mates' Trivia to discover fascinating facts about each other, promoting connections and a sense of friendship.


3. Find it now:

To familiarize students with the Learning Management System (LMS), professor can ask them to find specific information and take screenshots to upload via the Incredible Race.


4. Name games:

In this interactive activity, students play multiple rounds of Emoji Buddies to team up with different groups. The goal is to remember names and learn one interesting fact about each teammate, helping foster connections within the class.


Quick 2 minute Ice breaker Games:

1. What's your goal?

Professors can ask students' aspirations for taking the class via the incredible race. Students can then upload their responses via the platform for professors to view later on.


2. Know your neighbor:

Students can play a round of Mates' Trivia with a nearby classmate, getting to know each other better and building better connections.


3. You are an artist:

Professors can ask students to draw a random subject and upload their work in the incredible race. It encourages creativity and interaction.


4. Puzzle it out:

Create a fun puzzle through the Incredible Race and assign teams to solve it together. This activity promotes problem-solving skills and encourages teamwork.


Exciting 5 Minute Ice breaker Games indoor to Energize the Class:

1. Language talent:

Students team up via Emoji Buddies and showcase their language skills in front of their teammates. The funny ice breaker games help to foster a supportive and inclusive learning environment.


2. Solve the riddle:

Professors can create two intriguing riddles through the Incredible Race for students to solve. Students can also ask for help from their peers, promoting collaboration and critical thinking.


3. Story time:

Students take turns telling stories to their classmates, inspiring creativity and active listening skills within the group.


It's time to create your best ice breaker games!

To further improve teamwork dynamics, professors can create their own custom ice breaker games for students using Deckle. These tailored activities can focus on specific group objectives, encouraging cooperation, trust, and collaboration among students.



Deckle: Event Games is the ultimate icebreaker app that empowers professors to conduct engaging and effective icebreaker games in the classroom. Features such as Emoji Buddies, Incredible Race, and Mates' Trivia allow professors to create a vibrant and interactive teaching environment. These icebreaker games serve as an investment that yields benefits throughout the entire semester and it makes teaching more enjoyable.

With Deckle, icebreaker activities are fun, fast, and easy to create. It is an ideal tool for professors to break the ice and elevate students' engagement level in the classroom. Deckle: Event Games is a game-changer for professors and students alike, transforming the learning experience into one of excitement, collaboration, and personal growth.

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