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Social Bingo

Social Bingo is perfect for networking in large crowds. Find others who have the traits in the list! DOES ANYONE LIKE COFFEE HERE?!

About the Template

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Networking events

We ran a Social Bingo event at the University of Melbourne for Chancellor and Scholarship recipients to network better! If you have a networking event and people are feeling awkward, whip this out and get people talking in no time.

More About the Template

How Social Bingo works:

  1. Everybody gets a list of traits and they have to find someone in the crowd with that specific trait, eg. "Someone who likes coffee", "Someone who is an only child", "Someone who speaks 3+ languages"

  2. When the game starts, everyone will go around finding someone with a specific trait

  3. If they do find someone, they put their name into the input field and tap their avatar

  4. Rinse and repeat!

Steps to organize your very own Social Bingo:

  1. Get everyone download Deckle or go to and join the event with the PIN

  2. Announce to everyone how the game works, and to wait in the lobby, also tell them how long they have to find everyone.

  3. When everyone is ready, yell 3, 2, 1, and press "Start event" on your phone

  4. Witness the incredible sight of even the most introverted people going around and talking to people!

Hosting social bingo