By Leo

Family reunion after years apart - Physical challenges

Celebrate with your family after years no see? Let’s have fun and revisit the bond with Deckle’s incredible races!

About the Template

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Family members


Family reunions are moments worth cherishing. Members got together from everywhere to celebrate their bonds and reconnect. Catching up, bridging gaps, and creating new memories, reunions serve many purposes. Deckle has created a series of activities for those reasons, and we want you to have memorable moments with your family!

More About the Template

Time drifts people apart, even among the closest ones. Maybe it’s the job in another city or having a newborn baby, family members sometimes lose touch with others when life circumstances happen. However, the bond always remains, and the connections are never gone. With the help of family reunions, people rekindle their relationships and create new memories together. For these reasons, Deckle has prepared fun activities for everyone to have a meaningful time.

While we were designing the challenges, we started to wonder about the purpose of reunions. With some research and a good amount of reflection, we believe it’s a chance to bridge the past, the present, and the future. Yes, you would need to catch up with others for their life updates, but you would also need to have fun at the moment and create new memories together.

After a good amount of brainstorming, we created a series of versatile activities that each serve a purpose. You would need to share a common memory to reminisce the past, take selfies with new members to build new bonds, role play to bridge the generation gap, create time capsules to meet again in the future, and so on. Anyway, without spoiling everything, let’s have some fun with the activities!