consulting team sitting down


By Leo

Consulting Team-Building Activity

Starting on a new project with new teammates? We have just the tools to help you break the ice and know each other better!

About the Template

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Consultants often work with diverse clients and new teammates. We've provided ice-breaker questions to help you connect with colleagues. Share your passions, learn about theirs, and let's foster a supportive, friendly atmosphere together!

More About the Template

Building on feedback, we spoke to several consultant peers to craft these tailored questions for you. For example, you can discuss your favorite travel and work locations, your go-to relaxation techniques during stressful times, the client you'd most like to work with, among other topics.

From our conversation with fellow consultant, we were really impressed by their fast-paced jobs. The chance to travel and meet different clients seems fun. Every consultant has their own way of starting a conversation with clients. With so many chances to meet new people, consultants have endless career possibilities. It's cool to see how different consultants talk and interact. At the heart of it, this template lets us see what makes each of you special.

Our objective is to ease your transition when collaborating with new colleagues, further improving the work atmosphere. Ultimately, our hope is that these efforts not only elevate your satisfaction but also pave the way for more joyful and stress-free interpersonal relationships at work.